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K M Kotulak

Kelly M. Kotulak is an artist, designer, entrepreneur, and the creative mind behind Studio Hibernacula. A lifetime of creative adventuring has transformed her into an artistic chimera. Her techniques range from the ancient to the cutting-edge, designing everything from intricate treasures to lavish worlds ripe for exploration. She has developed valuable skills as a leader and director, collaborating with companies and craftspeople to make the most ambitious projects a reality.

Her professional career began in the New York City fashion world, where her arsenal of skills and otherworldy aesthetics were employed to create haute couture wonders and monstrosities. Her passion for world-building, storytelling, and myth-making brought fresh magic to the scene. Along the way, she worked as a set-designer for fashion editorials, prop and costume designer for music videos, and has seen her work walk the runway at New York Fashion Week. She has collaborated with some of NYCs most renown models and photographers. Her works have been published in Haute, Glassbook, Dark Beauty, Unfolded, Tantalum, and Chaos, among other magazines and journals. She is now works full time overseeing Hibernacula and further developing the brand into an interactive phenomenon that is equal parts boutique and museum, with plans to expand into books and board game design. Her latest project is 'An Alchemist's Guide to Minerals' which will feature a informational book, game, and oracle card deck.